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El Paso Family Law Attorney

If you and your loved ones are facing family law issues, the situation can be confusing and you may be left feeling vulnerable. The legal system can be incredibly complex and family law issues are often intensely heated and emotional, making clear and informed decisions extremely difficult. I am committed to protecting your legal rights and your family's future.

Fort Bliss Military Divorce Attorney

My name is Erica P. Rios and I am dedicated to helping you and your family resolve your issues as efficiently and effectively as possible, preserving financial and emotional well-being for everyone involved. When I work with clients, I make myself completely accessible and will personally return phone calls as soon as possible — I know the stress involved in family matters and always want clients to be informed.

I also make it a point to be professional with other attorneys and judges, so that I can take the necessary steps to arrive at an outcome in settlement that all parties can accept rather than leaving the decision making processes to the court.

Family law is my primary area of practice because I'm passionate about profession and helping families. As a lawyer I am not here to judge clients. I am here to be an advocate and get people through their issues; and the legal process in a manner that is just. I pledge to do the same for you.

At The Law Offices of Erica P. Rios, I accept all major credit cards and am available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and Friday and Saturday by appointment.

Se habla español.

To discuss Texas property division or any family law issue with El Paso family law attorney Erica P. Rios, call 915-255-3997 or e-mail The Law Offices of Erica P. Rios.

Erica P Rios

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