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Going Through a Divorce in El Paso?

A Poised Approach to a Stressful Situation Divorce attorney El Paso

Regardless of your reasons for seeking a divorce, the process can be daunting. There will likely be rampant emotions and tricky confrontations to wade through. With an experienced and compassionate attorney in El Paso on your side, you can rest assured that your divorce will be handled with care.

The Law Office of Erica P. Rios provides comprehensive representation for those in the throes of a divorce. We help you recognize and prioritize your goals, working toward a positive resolution with minimal anguish along the way.

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Our years of experience handling divorce cases has prepared us to assist with whatever situation you may find yourself in. The dissolution of a marriage is a complicated legal process that can severely impact both you and your partner, but when you hire us, you receive comprehensive, personalized service that keep your best interests in mind.

We devote time to getting to know you and understanding what you hope to get out of your divorce settlement so that we can tailor our approach to meet your needs. Our experienced attorney in El Paso will also explain the rights you have before, during, and after your divorce so that you can stay informed every step of the way.

Grounds for Divorce in Texas

Because each state has its own laws regarding divorce, you will want an attorney who is well-versed in Texas’s laws. To build the strongest case possible, make sure that your attorney has experience representing divorcees specifically in our state.

In Texas, the seven grounds for divorce include:

  • Insupportability: The only reason for divorce that both parties must agree on, insupportability refers to unresolvable disagreements that are preventing the marriage from working.
  • Cruelty: When your spouse treats you cruelly and forces the marriage to end.
  • Adultery: Divorce spurred by a cheating spouse.
  • Conviction of a felony: When your spouse is convicted of a felony in Texas and is serving a minimum of one year in prison. This reason does not apply if your spouse receives a pardon.
  • Confinement in a mental hospital: Divorce due to your spouse’s confinement to a private or state mental hospital for a minimum of three years.
  • Living apart: If you and your spouse have been separated and living apart for at least three years, you can file for divorce on these grounds.
  • Abandonment: You can use abandonment as your reason for divorce if your spouse has been gone for at least a year and has no intentions of returning to you.

Whichever grounds upon which you are filing your divorce, you can trust that we have experience handling a case just like yours.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Is your divorce contested or uncontested? Either way, our firm can help. An uncontested divorce is one that both partners have agreed on and that lacks significant disputes in regards to assets and property. Conversely, a contested divorce occurs when the partners don’t agree on the grounds for divorce or the distribution of assets. Contested divorces require more meticulous work to resolve, as all assets and property need to be identified and characterized.

Factors that may complicate an uncontested divorce include:

  • Minor children
  • Children’s educational needs, such as private schooling and daycare
  • International travel
  • Multiple homes
  • Business ownership

No matter your circumstances, the Law Office of Erica P. Rios can help you sort out your divorce.

Texas Divorce FAQ

Wondering what you should know about filing for divorce in Texas? Here are a few frequently asked questions about a Texas divorce.

Are there any residency requirements?

Yes, there are a couple of requirements to keep in mind.

  • At least one of the spouses needs to be a Texas resident for at least 6 continuous months.
  • Furthermore, at least one of the spouses needs to be a resident of the county where they are filing the divorce for 90 days or more.

How long does it take to finalize?

The answer to this question depends on the nature of the divorce. A contested divorce could take six months to one year or even longer. Typically, the more complex the divorce, the longer it will take to finalize. On the other hand, an uncontested divorce might take a much shorter amount of time. That being said, after a divorce is filed, it can’t be finalized for at least 60 days.

Does filing for divorce first have an advantage?

Some advantages include:

  • First to speak in court (although the flip-side of this is sometimes it’s advantageous to have the last word)
  • Set the overall tone of the case
  • Obtain immediate help from the court if needed such as:
    • Orders regarding assets and children
    • Protective order

One disadvantage might be that the filing fee is usually much more expensive for the person filing first.

Our Lawyer Can Help You Turn Over a New Page

Our El Paso attorney understands that divorces require a lot of time and energy. While we will never settle for an un-ideal agreement, we work as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with your divorce. Our goal is to represent you effectively, providing personalized support along the way for a satisfactory resolution.

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