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For parents going through a child custody dispute, visitation is a serious concern and a top priority. Biological parents who wish to have legal access to their child, regardless of whether a divorce was involved or not, should seek visitation rights. If you want legal rights to visit your child, you can count on our experienced El Paso visitation attorney to help oversee your case and guide you through the complicated process of procuring visitation rights.

We understand the sensitive nature of a dispute concerning you or your spouse’s visitation rights and provide compassionate service that has been tailored to your unique situation. By facilitating an open dialogue, we are able to understand your goals and help you make the important decisions that can have a lasting impact on you and your family.

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Understanding Texas Visitation & Custody Laws

When you have custody of a child in Texas, it is said that you have “possession” of that child. Conversely, if you only have visitation rights instead of possession, you have “access to” the child. A parent with access to a child will be given an access schedule that outlines exactly when they can spend time with the child. You and your spouse can create this access schedule together, or the court will create it if you cannot agree on one.

Visitation rights are determined by the court, which prioritizes the child’s well-being.

Factors that can affect a court’s visitation rights decision include:

  • The age of the child
  • Each parent’s abilities to care for the child
  • Any instances of abuse
  • Location of the parents
  • The child’s health

Our El Paso visitation lawyer has years of experience helping parents handle disputes regarding visitation rights. We will tailor our approach to your case with you and your child in mind.

Out of State Visitation

When parents relocate after a divorce or live in different states, they can receive out of state visitation rights. A long distance visitation schedule is created specifically to account for the geographical distance between the parents. Rather than scheduling weekend visits, it may be necessary to schedule longer, more spaced out visits, like during summer vacations and holidays. We will work closely with you to help you acquire visitation rights and develop a visitation schedule no matter where you live.

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